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Laduree x Matthew Kenney

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By Selina Mohr

Chef Matthew Kenney is a pioneer in vegan cuisine with restaurants, cookbooks, catering and classes dedicated to plant-based foods. We’re longtime fans of his, with Maggie and the QEEP UP™ crew celebrating our launch at his vegan pizzeria, Double Zero, in NYC this week!

So we’re thrilled by his latest venture: partnering with the 150-year-old classic French pastry brand, Ladurée. Kenney has reconfigured the entire menu at the Beverly Hills Ladurée Tea salon to be 100% vegan. Everything from salads to sandwiches to mini burgers to the classic soupe à l’oignon have been veganized. And, of course, the macarons!

According to Veg News, “Kenney… will replace the dairy-based butter and eggs with ingredients such as almond buttermilk and coconut oil. In September, the brand will add vegan macarons and other vegan items to the menu—in addition to its traditional items—at its Paris locations before expanding the new options to roughly 80 locations worldwide.”

Ladurée x Matthew Kenney is breathtaking for marrying Old World tradition with New Age concepts. It’s a big step forward in food culture—even the most traditional— becoming more environmentally aware and health-conscious. Hopefully, this inspires other restaurants to rethink vegan cuisine. If Ladurée can go vegan, anyone and anything can change!


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