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We’re So Very Grateful

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By Selina Mohr

The QEEP UP team has so much to be grateful for.

QEEP UP was a dream that CEO and Founder Maggie Q had for nearly two decades—one that came true this past September! With the hard work of so many people, we were able to create a fully recycled collection that’s produced ethically and sustainably. (And the designs are bomb, if we do say so ourselves!)

But connecting with you, our QEEP UP Nation, has been the most gratifying part of this entire journey. It’s your excitement that “qeeps” us going. We always want to have a dialogue with you because we are saving our planet together.

This Thanksgiving, we want to share what the women at QEEP UP headquarters are grateful for and how we plan to pay that gratitude forward. We also asked what you were grateful for and your answers are amazing. We’re sharing some of them here.



Maggie Q CEO and Founder

“Health. The Wild World. And people who CARE.

This year I will volunteer for the first half of the day on Thanksgiving Day. Usually in food service, but depending on the city I am in, sometimes it’s sorting and providing used, warm clothing or doing paperwork.”


Amanda Schardt Brand Director

“I am grateful that every day presents a new challenge and a comforting ending. I am grateful for love, for my health, and for my community of friends and family that pour into me every day, so that I can keep my dreams big. This Thanksgiving, I am especially grateful to be a newlywed and getting to share in new traditions with a true partner.

This time of year, I love bringing meals and homemade treats to those who I know labor long and hard without. I like to sponsor a family or child for Christmas and also give back to my favorite charities, especially those protecting children, animals, and our oceans. We all must strive to support these causes every day, whether it’s July or December!”


Peri Donch Production Manager

“I am grateful for my sisters, my friends, my health, my curiosity, and for folks who ask the question ‘why not’ and inspire me to do the same. How lucky are we to have the opportunity to do that and encourage more people to do the same. Right?

I am also so overwhelmingly grateful to have this incredible opportunity to work with the like-minded women of the Qeep UP Team. It is what I have been working towards and it feels like home.

I love Thanksgiving because it is a time for being with family, friends (your chosen family), and for friends of friends who might not have had anywhere to be this year. In the morning, I’m running the Turkey Trot in Los Angeles. Proceeds go to support the Midnight Mission on Skid Row in DTLA..

After that I become the Pie Maker. I am hosting a TG Pie and Games night for friends and friends of friends. My favorite pie is homemade pumpkin with coconut whipped cream. Nom Nom!

Every month I do some form of volunteer work, whether serving dinner at the Midnight Mission or putting together food boxes at the LA Food Bank. I find volunteering the best way to get out of my head and put my own stuff in perspective. What you call a win-win!

And I can’t forget my two rescue kitties, big Toobee and lil 2B2. Without them, I’d struggle to find gratitude.”


Maggie Kim Editor

“I am so grateful for the loving, kind and generous people who have supported me this past year. Old friends and new have shown up for me in extraordinary ways and I feel very lucky.

I am striving to be as compassionate and loving as my friends, to be truly present, for everyone around me who needs a giving hand, a listening ear and an open heart.”


Kelly Denten Marketing Manager

“I’m grateful for the health of my friends and family. A lot of very important people to me have overcome some major health hurdles in 2019 and the way they have handled their battles with such grace has been an inspiration. I’m looking forward to entering a new decade alongside such strong individuals!

For the holiday season and beyond, I vow to be more present and patient. The holiday season can be stressful for a lot of people and I think it’s important to realize that the way you treat others has the ability to brighten their day. Whether that’s striking up a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store or surprising a friend with her favorite coffee, kindness can go a long way.”


Selina Mohr ExecutiveAssistant and Creative Content Manager

“I’m grateful to be working with such an incredible team of people, for my health, and for my beautiful friends and family. I’m thankful to be in such a great headspace and to be surrounded by uplifting energy that pushes me to grow and try to reach my potential.

I’ve been given access that has allowed me to be able to feel empowered, strong and educated, and I hope to pay that forward by creating space for anyone in my life in a way that helps them feel the same. I hope to hold patience and empathy for those around me, and I am looking to start volunteering in an art program for youth and teens. I used to do that when I lived in New York and I miss being more involved in my community.”



“Being alive, breathing and so so very thankful that I have met a really wonderful person!” @ph_oebe7526

“Babies and Mac & cheese.” @caroline.stucker

“I’m thankful to those who choose to live and keep fighting to make this world a better place!” @lfs720

“Leaving animals off my plate for the 6th year running!” @shayporwave

“For my country, New Zealand and our leader Jacinda Ardern.” @roderickawc

“Family and friends, and for QeepUp for even existing!” @allie31995

“My son and the lesson of embracing impermanence and being present in the now.” @manaponojourneys

“That I discovered Maggie Q. She’s everything!” @anna.mb

“Family, nothing else matters.” @newworkdbakeryon


Have a wonderful holiday, whether it’s turkey or tofu. And don’t forget about our first ever Black Friday sale! It’s our way of saying thank you to our QEEP UP Nation.

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