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Be A QEEP UP Ocean Ambassador

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By Selina Mohr

What’s a QEEP UP Ocean Ambassador?

Being a QEEP UP Ocean Ambassador means you’ve taken the pledge for ocean conservation—while looking fab in your Ocean Tie-Dye Print. It’s all about starting the conversation and what’s easier than wearing our standout print?

The Ocean Tie-Dye Print is our statement piece, an emblem of protection and conservation. It’s also a reminder that every purchase you make, every item you consume, has an impact—and you did a good thing by choosing QEEP UP! A percentage of the proceeds of sales is given directly toBlue Sphere Foundation, an organization dedicated to saving our oceans and threatened marine species.

Take a photo of yourself in our Ocean Tie-Dye Print, let us know what you did to help the planet today, and share the image on social media! We are building a Nation of eco-warriors fighting to preserve the environment. Tag us @Qeepup for the chance to be featured on our site and our social. And be sure to use the following hashtags: #QeepUpNation #QUoceanambassador #QUecowarrior

Join our Nation! Take the pledge!

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