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QEEP UP’S Sustainably Gorgeous Gift Guide

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By Kelly Denten

QEEP UP’s Sustainably Gorgeous Gift Guide

The holidays bring so much happiness to our hearts here at Qeep Up, whether we’re spending time with friends and family, setting our intentions for the new year, or showing loved ones our appreciation for all they do with a well-chosen gift—or two.

To make your holiday shopping a little easier and a lot more eco, team Qeep Up has made a list of our favorite sustainable gifts for everyone you love, including Mother Earth.

Happy gifting!


For Your Mom, Grandma & Favorite Auntie

a. Stone Diffuser $119 b. Click & Grow Smart Garden $99 c. Essential Oil Bundle $52 d. Throwback Half Zip $148 e. Soyabella Nut Milk Maker $130 f. Out the Door Trench $248


Stuff Guys Like (For Guys You Like)

a. Santal 26 Room Spray $115 b. Liv Theragun $249 c. Pocket Farmacy $65 d. AO+ Mist Probiotic Spray $49 e. Grosche Pour Over Coffee Maker $100 f. Yola Mezcal $54


Your BFF Deserves These

a. Porter Reusable Dishes Bundle $95 b. Ilia Beauty Blush & Glow Trio $68 c. High Ball Legging $125 d. Show Off Tank $118 e. 200 Women $25 f. Vegan Leather Pouch $49


For The Boss Who Has Everything

a. Bon Temps Gloria Steinem Tea Bundle $46 b. Plant the Packaging Floral Candle $28 c. Osea Body Exfoliation Kit $84 d. At Your Desk Blend Bar $38 e. Low Ball Legging $128 f. Brightland Olive Oil $37


Kids Will Think You’re Awesome

a. Eco Dough $16 b. House Playset $50 c. Eco Finger Paint $16 d. House Playset $50 e. Garden Planting Activity Set $20 f. Polar Bear Adoption Kit $25-250

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