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What’s Your Word For 2020?

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By Maggie Kim

I’m a notorious New Year’s resolution maker (and breaker).

I vow to eat less, meditate more, get a better body, write three hours a day, cut down on wine, etc… ad infinitum. Somewhere around mid-February, most, if not all of my resolutions are forgotten until the next new year.

In 2019, I tried something different. Instead of a to-do list, I chose a single word that summed up my inspiration and aspirations for the year: “Rise.”

It was a word I came back to again and again throughout the year as I hurdled incredibly difficult moments as well as day-to-day annoyances. “Rise above this,” I whispered to myself after another distressing exchange with my ex. “Rise,” I’d breathe when an angry driver slammed on his horn with one hand and flipped me the bird with the other.

My word was a talisman to remind me who I am and who I want to be. Better—and simpler— than an easily-neglected resolution, my word for 2019 kept me on track gently, without the guilt of failing at a self-punishing, self-improvement agenda.

“Rise” kept me kind when I wanted to roll my eyes with impatience. It lifted my soul when my broken heart felt beyond repair. It reminded me that I will always rise, no matter what life throws my way. After twelve months, the spirit of my word feels a part of me.

It’s going to be hard to let go of “Rise”, but I’ve thought long and hard about my word for 2020 (revealed, below). I also asked the QEEP UP team what their words are.

What’s your word for 2020 going to be?


Maggie Q CEO and Founder



Amanda Schardt Brand Director

As I start to work on both my goals and my reflections, my word for 2020 is ASPIRE.

In the traditional sense of directing ambitions towards specific achievements, I aspire to several goals: to run a company, travel to Asia and Africa this year, compete in recognized horse shows and to qualify for the AECs (American Eventing Championships) as an amateur. But, goals need not be quantifiable. The literary definition of aspire is to ‘rise higher.’ To dream bigger. To live more fully. I aspire to be present (something I struggle with), to start each work day with a creative meditation, to build a vibrant home life in my first year of marriage, to take a night class, to read 3 books a month, to be giving of my time to others, and to call my mother. I aspire to live more fully, and with more heart, with each passing day.


Peri Donch Production Manager

My word or phrase for 2020 is LET GO.

Let GO of what I think I know about myself and others… and live and let live.

Let GO of stuff that reminds me of someone.. they do not live in that stuff, they live in my heart.

Let GO of longstanding habits that were developed as a means to be safe… I am safe.

Let GO of what I think LOVE looks like and start to feel it from my soul for me and for others.

Let GO of the hurry that keeps my mind in a lower headspace of constantly organizing and figuring out… just BE.

Let GO of the perfect… and just accept the what is.

By no means settle for less but walk in the now and be happy with this so I can grow into that.


Maggie Kim Editor

FREE. I can’t seem to stay away from the 4-letter words, but “free” embodies how I want to live, feel and be for (at least) the next year. I plan to use my Word of 2020 to remind me that no matter my outer circumstances, I am always free to choose joy, peace and love.


Selina Mohr ExecutiveAssistant and Creative Content Manager

My word this year is TRUTH. I want to work to attain my truth and try to return back to that word in big and small moments. I believe truth can mean anything from being truthful to the experience to finding my truth through work and compassion. I’m excited for this year, and learning how to fulfill my word.

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