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Talking Tuesday: Whales & Tigers & Warriors, Oh My!

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Talking Tuesday

Things we can’t stop talking about this week:

  1. Wonder Women DID exist! Russian archeologists found the gravesites of four female warriors, aged 12 to 50. Historians believe Amazon warrior women were actually Scythian Nomads. Fierce.
  2. We’re in love with wildlife photographer Nitish Madan‘s stunning photos of Bengal tigers.
  3. Environmental scientists experience ecological grief as the planet deteriorates.
  4. Book readers are nicer than TV watchers. Duh.
  5. Japanese Minister is taking paternity leave to set an example for other fathers. Is he changing diapers, too?
  6. EU unveils a €1 trillion “green deal” to become the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050.
  7. Killer whale grannies babysit their orca grand-babies!

What stories have got you talking?


Photo by Nitish Madan

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