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Talking Tuesday: How Many Trees?

If It's About Animals, Women & The Environment, We Want To Know

Topic: The News

Talking Tuesday

Things we can’t stop talking about this week:

  1. Scientists have pinpointed how many trees we need to plant to stop the climate crisis. Any guesses?
  2. Finnish baby bears “dance” in the forest. Sooo cute.
  3. Yeah, we believe in UFOs and Britain is declassifying its UFO files for the first time.
  4. Scotland to hit 100% renewable energy this year!
  5. Get out and walk for your brain, your mood and your health. Like now.
  6. Modern-day #beautygoals can be traced back to Egyptian beauty rituals.
  7. Last year,  more Americans went to the library than the movies. Mind blown.
  8. File this doggy dryer jacket under “Ridiculous But Want to Try.”

What stories have got you talking?

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