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Talking Tuesday: Kindness Is Smart

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Talking Tuesday

Things we can’t stop talking about this week:

  1. Three states advanced the CROWN Act, which bans hair discrimination that typically targets Black hair styles and textures.
  2. Studies show what we’ve known all along: Mean people suck are dumber than kind people.
  3. These jokes about men make us laugh and laugh. And also cry inside.
  4. Break out the Kleenex for this sweet Pixar short about a stray cat and an abused pitbull.
  5. Harvey Weinstein was convicted yesterday. In 2015, then 22-year-old Italian-Filipina model, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, taped Weinstein for assaulting her. She was ignored and ostracized. She is a hero.
  6. Meanwhile, the US Soccer Federation says male and female soccer players aren’t doing the same job so don’t need to be paid equally. Yeah, the women’s team actually wins World Cups.
  7. These heartbreaking images show exactly what climate change is doing to our planet.
  8. Mariya Russell is the first Black female chef to receive a Michelin star. And she cooks Japanese omakase. Brava!

What stories have got you talking?

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