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How Working At QEEP UP Changes You

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The Qeep Up team is small, mighty and very, very passionate about what we do.


While a few of us were already practicing a conscious lifestyle pre-Qeep Up, the rest grew leaps and bounds by working together on a brand that puts the planet first.

We’re celebrating Global Recycling Day by recognizing how change is possible—and can also be pretty simple. It just takes a bit more mindfulness!

How are you Qeeping Up?


Amanda Schardt Brand Director

Imagine if someone came to you and challenged you to do a job (that you knew very well), but to do it in a way where EVERY material, product, and decision has to be responsible or sustainable. You would step back and consider every small detail: where a material comes from, how the person making the product is paid, what that process does to the environment, etc.

This is what our Founder & CEO, Maggie, challenged us to do with Qeep Up.

The better way of making or doing something may be the harder way, or the more expensive way, but with a little extra effort we can pay it forward to the planet that is our home.

This has trickled down into my personal life, where the easiest first step was to swap out the single-use plastics in my household. I always carry reusable coffee cups, water bottles, and Stashers, reusable zippy bags for snacks.

I think of creative ways to maximize fridge contents that would otherwise go to waste. When buying items like eggs, honey, herbs or produce, I shop local or at farmer’s markets. When purchasing a piece of fish for myself (or a piece of meat for my family), I check the origin, whether it was wild caught, grass fed, etc. and only buy a single portion.

I have a drawer of handmade fabric napkins and this has cut out the use of paper towels and napkins for eating or cleaning. I line-dry most of my clothes, but I still can’t give up linens out of a dryer.

I also read up on what exactly I can and can’t recycle; I learned I was only being effective 50% of the time by recycling incorrectly. Your local recycling center will often have fun visuals for kids and information on how to help collect or drop off in your area. The biggest mindfulness I try to impart is a sense of concern and care to others. If I can encourage just a couple more people to become mindful themselves, we can start to feel empowered that maybe we *can* make a difference.


Selina Mohr Executive Assistant and Creative Content Manager

Qeep Up has made me more mindful in many ways. However, the way I feel it has made the most difference has been in my consumer choices. I try to purchase less plastic as well as products with larger amounts of post-consumer waste. I read labels carefully and try to look for recycled alternatives. And even though it can be more expensive, I look for reusable options. The practice of making thoughtful choices as a consumer has made me much more aware of the effect I have on the planet, and how every decision matters, especially during this turbulent time.


Peri Donch Production Manager

Growing up in Northern California, you pretty much learn your colors by the recycling bins: blue-green-black, recyclables-compostables-trash.

When I got the call to work with QeepUp, I knew I had found my place. Working side-by-side with like-minded women and making a difference in the world. Especially because the world of fashion, my chosen profession, is not always the cleanest profession. Every day, I practice what we preach—Mind Body Planet.

I’m home!


Maggie Kim Editor

I realized how much Qeep Up has gotten into my cells and my spirit when I took a shower in a hotel recently. My hair had just been dyed blonde—and blown out—so I didn’t want to wash it. I grabbed the disposable plastic shower cap from the bathroom counter and hummed my way through my hot shower. When I took the shower cap off, I thought, “Oh, I should save this because I’m going to need it for the next couple days.” I placed it to dry on the sink and paused.

I was surprised by how instinctively I made the choice to reuse the cap. Trust this is not something I would have ever done, pre-Qeep Up. That cap would have gone straight in the trash after one use. (Yes, I know I need to get a reusable, non-plastic cap—and take shorter showers!)

I was pleased but also grateful that my eyes and my mind have been opened to this awareness. I am definitely nowhere near perfect, but I’m happy to work towards it.

I think that’s the key: Deciding you want to make better choices so eventually, you do.

I have to thank Maggie and Qeep Up for that.


Happy Global Recycling Day!

(Now go recycle something.)

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