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Yes We Can Grow Our Own Veggies!

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I’m not a gardener by nature. Don’t get me wrong, like most millennials, I love plants… low maintenance, low-light plants for purely aesthetic purposes.

However, during quarantine, I saw multiple articles and Instagram posts claiming that anyone can regrow certain produce. All that’s required is a window with bright, direct sunlight and a small jar that can hold about two to three inches of water.

I had both so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I decided to try with scallions and bok choy, though there are plenty of produce options. I’ve seen lettuce, avocado (um, next level), ginger, garlic…the list goes on.

The scallions were awesome! They grew back very quickly and I used them again after just five days of regrowth.

Bok choy on the other hand… wasn’t feeling me. I followed the simple steps of putting the whole base into water. I didn’t separate each leaf and had the cut side facing upwards. I placed the bok choy on a bright window sill and waited.


Bok choy just wasn’t trying to make a comeback. So I respected her wishes and we parted ways.

But hey, not all is lost! I’m super proud of my scallion regrowth and I’m going to continue trying with other produce.

I encourage you to do the same and tag us if you give it a go! If someone comes full circle with bok choy, let me know!


Save your leftover scallions. You can cut more than shown; this was all that I needed for cooking. You’re supposed to cut off the roots prior to placing them in water in order for them to regrow properly, but I didn’t follow that rule because it made me nervous. Don’t plants need roots to grow? So I kept the original roots. And guess what? They turned out fine!


Place the scallions in a jar with about 2 inches of water and make sure it gets bright, direct sunlight. Then wait.


Day 5 of regrowth! Isn’t it amazing?!

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Selina Mohr is an LA native who enjoys writing poetry and reading feminist works in her spare time. She is at her happiest when feeling creative and at peace.

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