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Top 8 Sustainable Sun Protection Faves

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With summer nearly here, the Qeep Up team takes sun (and earth) protection seriously. We love the outdoors, but we also want to shield ourselves from skin-damaging rays and a high UV index. And of course, we always want to do the least harm to the planet as possible with our choices.


These are some of our summer sustainable faves. Think of it as your summer protective starter kit. Now go out there, have fun and be safe!


Sunski Sunglasses

An affordable pair of sunglasses made out of recycled resin meant for the landfill… sounds too good to be true! Now I won’t feel half as bad breaking or losing them—like I usually do.


Raw Elements Sunscreen

A natural sunscreen that’s USDA-certified organic with zinc oxide as the only active ingredient, it’s also reef safe and re-fillable. Count us in. They have a tinted option, for those who prefer a little more color in their sunscreen.


The Shield

A Qeep Up must-have and a personal favorite of Maggie Q’s, you can catch her wearing this on ALL her summer hikes.


PrAna Genevieve Sun Hat

Cute and with a UPF of 50+, this summer hat is a great way to stay shielded and in style.


Sand Cloud Crush Turtle Towel

Sand-resistant and made from ethically sourced organic cotton, this turtle towel is fashionable and practical. A duo we can align with.


Baggu Reusable Tote

Reusable and versatile, this recycled nylon tote can be worn to the beach, the grocery store, brunch, you name it. Made to hold 2-3 times the amount of a regular tote, you can take it everywhere.


Island Girl Bikini
The bikini of the summer in our signature Ocean Camo. It’s super sexy and it’s saving the planet! (Read all about why Maggie Q wants you in our Ocean Army)


Hurraw SPF Lip Balm

Vegan SPF lip balm is hard to find. This one, priced at $5, is a steal. Stock up on several to last the summer.

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