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Q-TIP: Get Rid Of Summer Flies

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I hate flies. Does anyone like flies? And this summer seems especially full of them, whether it’s Los Angeles, CA or Picardie, France.

On a particularly fly-ridden day in the office, Maggie Q lit a couple sticks of incense and placed them in holders in front of the open sliding doors. The smoke started wafting in front of the doorways and voilà, no more flies inside!

Incense is not a fly favorite.

A month later, I’m battling about 20 flies in my kitchen and home office. I remembered Maggie’s trick, fired up my incense and started waving it around the rooms. The flies were desperate to get out. Five minutes later, I’m fly-free. (Just make sure you leave an open window or door so they can flee.)

How have I gone my entire life not knowing this? Why have I been swatting them and dealing with their gross, squashed corpses? I should have Asked Maggie!

Try it yourself. I used a white sage incense but any scent (except maybe rotting meat) should do.

Let us know if this Q-Tip worked for you!

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