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Introducing Our Recycling Experts!

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We are thrilled and honored to have Recycle Across America come onboard as our recycling experts. As a sustainable company that produces an entirely recycled collection, Qeep Up is committed to reducing waste (and not creating more), but we have to admit, even we get confused about what and how to recycle on the daily.

This is where Recycle Across America comes in! Our founder, Maggie Q, has been a longtime supporter and advocate. Now they’re here to school us on all the ins and outs of recycling. If you have recycling questions, send them to us: hello@qeepupnation.com. Stay tuned for answers, tips and in-depth articles on how (and why) to recycle the right way.

Without further ado, here are our experts!


Who Are We?

Recycle Across America’s mission is to expedite environmental progress by helping recycling and next-life manufacturing become a thriving and valuable societal norm. We are implementing a society-wide standardized labeling system for recycling bins to help people begin to recycle right, wherever they may be.


What Are Standardized Labels?

Society-wide standardized labels for recycling bins make it possible for the public to be able to recycle properly wherever they are—much like standardized road signs allow the public to be able to drive properly wherever they are. The standardized labels display the specific recycling rules in a standardized format so people don’t get confused.

There are already more than nine million standardized labels in use throughout the U.S., including in federal applications such as the Yosemite/Denali/Grand Teton National Parks, state applications such as Rhode Island, in municipalities, thousands of businesses, nine thousand K-12 schools, airports, sports stadiums, hospitals, etc.

The standardized labels for recycling bins prove to consistently increase recycling levels by 50-400%! They reduce costly and industry-crippling contamination—often to the point of elimination. The standardized labels on recycling bins override the confusing labels on packaging.


Join Us!

We are working to spread this mission farther faster and introducing federal policies to implement the standardized label solution as the official, national, mandated standard for recycling bins.

One thing to do right now: Click this link to ask your elected officials to help support legislation to standardize recycling labels on recycling bins nation-wide: https://www.recycleacrossamerica.org/lets-fix-it-campaign.


Tune into this blog series for tips to recycle right and ways you can help fix the recycling industry in the United States… for good!

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