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Recycling Q: What’s Up With Styrofoam?

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Hello Qeep Up,

I’ve got a question. I’ve always been told you can’t recycle styrofoam. Is this true? If so, why are some eggs still sold in those styrofoam cartons? I like to buy eggs from farms that don’t cage their chickens or use antibiotics—those cartons are plastic—but I still see so much styrofoam in food stores and with restaurant takeout options.

Tricia Jackson


Hi Tricia,

Styrofoam is so prevalent still because it’s cheap, lightweight, and works well for insulation. And styrofoam producers, along with other plastic-producing companies, are active lobbyists. These lobbyists make it difficult for cities and states to pass comprehensive plastic bag and styrofoam bans.

Styrofoam is harmful for many reasons, especially for kids. While it is recyclable, it’s difficult to find centers that recycle styrofoam. Check out this website for more info: https://cehn.org/our-work/eco-healthy-child-care/ehcc-faqs/faqs-styrofoamtm

Thanks for your question and for being mindful of our planet with your purchases. We need more people like you, Tricia!


Keep an eye out for more recycling tips from our experts, Recycle Across America!

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