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QEEP Reading: Classic Trashy Summer Reads

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We’re not poolside, sipping pina coladas like we all should be… but we’re still jonesing for some summer vibes!

So we rounded up our favorite trashy reads, from classic bodice-rippers to more respectable fare (some of the Qeep Up team just don’t do lowbrow!). But a summer reading list should be more guilty pleasure than good-for-you.

Maybe you’re on a lawn chair in your backyard with a glass of Two-Buck Chuck. You can still lose yourself in romance, adventure and sex… because who’s dating IRL?!

Tell us some of your favorite trashy reads.


Classic Trashy Summer Reads


Maggie Q, Founder/CEO

“Anything by Philippa Gregory. It’s all historical fiction, life at court, mothers triangulating their daughters to get the king’s favor!! Awful! And amazing at the same time.”


Peri, Production Manager

“Armistead Maupin, Tales of the City; More Tales of the City; Further Tales of the City. Reading all of the Tales of the City makes me nostalgic for the years I lived in San Francisco. I love all of the characters, especially Mrs. Madrigal, and reminiscing on the streets, cafes, bars, views, relationships, smells, quirky artists, musicians, late nights and all of the nuttiness wrapped up in the 7×7 miles of the city.”


Amanda, COO

Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding for some light-hearted tomfoolery. Who can’t help but laugh—and feel a little bit better about their own state of life and love—after reading Bridget’s antics?

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars to escape into a YA love story that aches with nostalgia, hope and innocence.”


Selina, Content Producer

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. I used to devour these growing up. A fun way to escape, not too dark and very entertaining. Looking back, I’m a little embarrassed at how obsessed I was with these, but I was truly addicted.”


Maggie K, Editor

Forever by Judy Blume definitely qualifies as my first trashy read. There’s first-time love and sex! When I read and re-read it in junior high, seventeen seemed so mature. (Hahaha… my middle-aged sides are splitting.) As always, Judy Blume is a master at depicting adolescence and all its attendant rites of passage, including losing your virginity.

Jude Deveraux romance novels. I can’t believe I’m actually admitting to reading these! I’m a writer who’s a thesis shy of her MFA. But there was a moment in time when my sister and I devoured Deveraux’s historical romances. It doesn’t matter which; they’re all the same—like cheap candy. Brightly packaged sugar bombs that leave you feeling empty a few hours later, but they sure taste good at first. And isn’t that what you want from your trashy summer read? Maybe hide the embarrassing covers, though.”


What to wear while you QEEP Reading? We suggest the You Lookin’ At Me Bra and the Pinup Bikini Bottom!

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