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Self-Care Q-Tip: Rose Petal Milk Bath

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Self-care is something women talk about, but infrequently do. There’s a connotation of indulgence that borders on indolence and who’s got time for that? As if we don’t have enough to feel guilty about.

An energy healer recently told me that during times of high stress, self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. Is there anyone not under high stress right now? (If that’s you, please share your secrets!)

She recommended I do at least one small thing for myself every day and, when I have time, pamper as much as possible. She said I need to take care of myself the way I take care of my children. We all have to parent, i.e. love, ourselves—especially if we’re on our own.

I’ve never thought of self-care as a way to love myself, but it makes perfect sense. Loving ourselves first is key to loving others. Women especially get that backwards.

We’re starting a series of Self-Care Q-Tips to encourage you (and us) to shower ourselves with some TLC. If you have any favorite self-care routines, please share them with us at hello@qeepupnation.com.

This first Q-Tip comes from the energy healer. She suggested a milk bath with rose petals. I’d never done one before, but wow, it was easy and amazing! I felt cradled by the milk and the roses just felt luxurious. My skin felt so soft after (all that lactic acid from the milk). Try it, if you can!


Rose Petal Milk Bath


  1. Run bath
  2. Add at least a liter of milk (your favorite kind: whole milk, goat milk, almond milk)
  3. Add rose petals or other flowers
  4. Optional: Your favorite essential oils, salts, tea leaves
  5. Luxuriate as long as you can!

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