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QEEP Reading: The Self-Help Book List

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Self-help used to be for hippies and the hopeless—like yoga, meditation and vegetarianism. Weird at best, embarrassing at worst. Remember Stuart Smalley from SNL: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”

Thankfully, the world’s a bit more woke and there’s nothing strange or shameful about your morning meditation or the brightly-colored “You Are A Badass” series on your nightstand.

With life getting infinitely more complicated, the QEEP UP team is always sharing suggestions for enlightening and uplifting reads. Especially in these terribly uncertain times, a good self-help book can shift your perspective and provide some solace.

So without further ado, here’s our first Self-Help Book List. These are core books that many of the team have read and discussed and read again. We hope you’ll find as much value in them as we do.

If you’ve got any self-help recommendations, please share them with us: hello@qeepupnation.com. We’re always looking for new ways to learn and heal!



The Self-Help Book List


Letting Go, The Pathway of Surrender by Dr. David R. Hawkins

This is possibly the Bible at QU HQ. Dr. Hawkins is a bodhisattva and what he teaches in this book about letting go is profound and priceless. If we can truly surrender, we can find absolute health and harmony.

Q-Tip: The book is dense so download the audio version to always have it on the go.


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

A celebration of creative thinking in all of its forms. There are beautiful quotes in this book worth dog-earing. Revel in the whimsy and validation Gilbert gives to all forms of creativity and expression.


Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

A classic of sorts, this book really does challenge your thinking. It helps reframe expectations and highlight ways of thinking. It’s insightful and motivating.


Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh

This book is a life guide. It’s introspective, subtly influencing the reader how to find a deeper understanding of what it means to be mindful and conscious. It teaches how to be present and how to live life with intent.


The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

Singer lays it out: You can choose to be happy or not. That’s it. He gives pointers on how to be boundless in mind and spirit.


The Decision by Kevin Hart

In this audio-only book, it’s clear the actor and comedian has done his share of therapy and read all the self-help books, too. He breaks down his own life lessons with his potty mouth, his infectious enthusiasm and surprising depth.


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Another classic that gives four straightforward but challenging-to- master rules for living a beautiful, peaceful life of integrity.


Facing Codependence by Pia Mellody

THE book that explains exactly why we’re all so f*ed up: Codependence. It also offers way to recover and heal.


A Course in Miracles by Dr. Helen Schuchman

Actually, this may be the Bible when it comes to self-help. A Course in Miracles is an esoteric text with a year of lessons that many modern gurus like Marianne Williamson and Gabby Bernstein base their teachings on. If you’re someone who likes to go to the source, this is it.


Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

David Goggins is called “The Toughest Man Alive” and he’s earned the title. Goggins is the only man in history to complete elite training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller. He’s also an endurance athlete. This book traces his journey from poverty and abuse to a man whose physical prowess is only outpaced by his sheer mental strength. Goggins doesn’t believe in motivation; he believes in rewiring your brain to stop seeking comfort.

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