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Self-Care Q-Tip: Dream Bigger!

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Remember The Secret?

I do.

The movie and book came out in 2006 and was all about the Law of Attraction: What you think and believe will change your life. It certainly changed the author, Rhonda Byrne’s life. By 2009, the book and film made $300 million.

In 2020, the Law of Attraction is more commonly known as Manifestation. There are books, podcasts, guided meditations, and IG accounts dedicated to manifestation; there’s even an updated The Secret: Dare to Dream movie.

I think I believe in manifestation. There are events I know I manifested because they defied the laws of logic. And when life gets tough, there’s a solace in having faith in manifestation.

Recently, I saw an interview with Oprah Winfrey where the journalist asked her about vision boards. Oprah answered that she didn’t make vision boards anymore because she was such a powerful manifester. (No kidding, O.) Her secret is to think about what she wants to manifest, let it go and simply vibrate at the frequency of whatever that thing is she wants.

I’ve heard this often about manifestation and it’s true that when I’m feeling love, joy and good vibes, things do seem to come easily. The difficulty is staying in those high vibes when shitty things are thrown your way. I suppose that’s the real secret: Not letting circumstance affect your state of being. (It’s hard to be you, Viktor Frankl.)

I’m working on it.

Meanwhile, I noticed something about what and how I manifest. I spend a lot of time with Maggie Q as she’s Qeep Up’s founder and a terrific friend. Maggie is about as powerful a manifester as Oprah. I’ve seen her speak about something—huge and improbable—and it appears within weeks! Maggie goes big with her dreams.


She doesn’t ever say to herself or anyone else that something is “impossible.” She gets an idea about something, says and believes it will happen—and it does.

It’s astonishing. It’s also inspiring.

So many of us temper our dreams because we’ve had parents, siblings, friends, teachers, bosses and partners dissuade us from our biggest dreams when we were little and not-so-little. I know I do. I don’t dream small, but I definitely dream medium. I’m realizing that’s a reflection of my self-worth and what I feel I deserve.

How crazy is that? Feeling like you don’t deserve to dream, and ultimately have, the most outrageous, beautiful and sensational life ever?

The more I explore the spiritual and esoteric, the more I understand how “reality” is a malleable construct, one that’s within my powers (of thought, feeling and imagination) to create. And if that’s the case, why not dream as big as you can? In fact, it’s an exercise in self-worth—and self-care—to see JUST how big you (and I) can dream.


So how about it? How much bigger can you dream?

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours…

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