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Our Favorite Scary Stories and Movies

Ask Maggie

We love Halloween here at Qeep Up. And to help our followers get into the spirit of spooky season, we’ve curated our favorite scary movies and reads. What are your scary story and or movie recs?! Please share them with us: hello@qeepupnation.com.

Maggie Q, Founder and CEO: GHOST is the scariest book I have ever read, by Katherine Ramsland. And it’s non-fiction! I ended up having to read it on planes or trains because I needed to read it when I was surrounded by people, to feel more comfortable. I made the mistake of reading it alone in my hotel room in Tokyo, and I was terrified to sleep! If you like ghost and afterlife stuff this is it. It’s written from the perspective of a non-believer. Which makes it even better.”

Amanda Schardt, Brand Director:I can’t handle full on panic or horror and I prefer more of a thriller. Everything about The Shining totally freaked me out. Plus the set design, cinematography, and score add a fascinating level of suspense. I can’t walk down an empty wallpapered hallway without thinking…”Hello, Danny.”

Peri Donch, Production Manager: OMG. “Don’t Look Now” — with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie is my all time scariest movie.. It’s set in Venice, Italy with overtones of religion and the supernatural .. it’s a psychological thriller, dark and damp.. Everything thing is linked by a little red raincoat. I recommend it but I wouldn’t watch it alone. I’ve only seen it once when I was watching late night TV as a teenager but it left such a mark…eek..”

Maggie Kim, Editor: I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) so I can’t watch scary movies—even thrillers can be too much for me. The last horror flick I saw was The Ring and I’m not kidding when I say I was afraid for the next six months, imagining the creepy ghost girl coming out of my TV.

It’s the same for books. I love Stephen King, but after Pet Sematary—which I read when I was 16!—I can’t stomach any more of his (or anyone’s) horror novels. I STILL remember EVERYTHING about Pet Sematary, from the revived toddler to the wife’s cold, undead hand on her husband’s shoulder. Gah. I can’t.”

Selina Mohr, EA / Content Manager: I read the Dollhouse Murders in 4th grade, and this novel gave me nightmares for the next 3 months. I had a vivid imagination as a child, and I just remember being scared of dolls because I thought they could move themselves. That was my first and last scary novel.”

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