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Boo! Our Happiest Halloween Costumes & Memories

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Like everything this year, Halloween will be… different.

Since it’s such a special holiday for so many—including the QEEP UP team—we thought we’d look back on some our favorite Halloween costumes and memories.

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QEEP UP’s Happiest Halloweens


Maggie Q, CEO and Founder



“Once our childhood Halloweens were over and my sisters and I became young adults, we didn’t see each other as much during the year. But Halloween was special because my sister Andria and I would always come together for it. We claim it’s our favorite holiday that’s not an actual holiday. We LOVE dressing up; we’re festive! Here, I think she was a cat (wearing the feathers of her victims?) and I was probably a fantasy French housekeeper ( I wore this costume every year until this terrible wig and uniform wore out!) I’m 18 or 19 here?? Good lord! I like any occasion where you spend it with the people you love!”


Amanda Schardt, COO:



I crashed my phone a few years ago—before I knew to back up on the cloud—so this is the only Halloween photo I can find!

I grew up in a very religious household, so I was not allowed to dress up or celebrate Halloween as a kid. I definitely made up for it in my 20s! Los Angeles is a fun city for Halloween, from the streets of West Hollywood (so over the top) to costume nights on the blocks of Santa Monica. My favorite Halloween was when our big group of friends rented a mega-house in Palm Springs for the weekend. The last night culminated in an epic all-night party at the (then very hip and newly opened) Ace hotel. I was a flapper—in a real vintage dress, natch—and my best friend was Black Swan. I could tell you such stories of the laughter and antics from that night, but those are the gems of memories between friends. Halloween is a great occasion to get creative, feel spunky, forget the mundane and do something FUN.”


Peri Donch, Production Manager



Halloween, or rather, Dia de los Muertos. I like to dress up and I have a lot of wigs and accessories, ensuring I have a fun time. Every year, my friends come over and I pull out all of the wigs, accessories, caftans, scarves, flowers, make up—you name it—and we get ready together. Over the years living in LA, I have traded Halloween for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) hosted by the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Dia de los Muertos celebrates death as a part of the human experience. Tradition holds that the dead would be offended by grieving and sadness, so festivities honor them with laughter and joy. I love this! The celebration is colorful with gifts of bright orange chrysanthemums, sugar skulls and other offerings decorating the gravestones.

Last year after all the festivities, dressed in our finery, my friend and I walked over to a spot, waiting for our ride. We decided to sit on a bench across from Paramount Pictures, just chatting it up, and then I busted out laughing because here we were, having a casual conversation on a bench, all dressed up like it was an ordinary day. ONLY in LA!

Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, everyone! I hope you are able to have some fun and celebration.”


Jenna Champion, Designer



I absolutely love Halloween. It’s a great excuse to create and play, even as an adult! A few of my favorite memories of Halloween have been in the past ten years, dressing up with friends in group costumes as the cast of Labyrinth and Lego People. All costumes were made by my friends and me, which required many hours of crafting. It was quality time spent together and laughing until our bellies hurt and tears running down our faces because of how ridiculous we were.

Then Halloween comes along and the time comes to wear these well thought-out costumes. Of course everyone is required to play the part of their character for the entire night. Playing David Bowie from Labyrinth was the best! I truly believe that the art of play as an adult is so healthy for everyone. Stepping back and finding joy like you did as a child can make your inner being glow!”


Maggie Kim, Editor



Every Catholic kid loves Halloween because the next day is All Saints’ Day, which is a Catholic holiday. Free candy followed by no school! It almost makes the strict nuns and dreary uniforms worth it.

As an adult, I still love Halloween and tried to make it happen in France when I lived there for over a decade. Like “fetch,” it just never took off. Which meant my kids never got to experience a real Halloween…
Until last year when I took them to New York. We looked for costumes in a giant popup Halloween shop, got invited to a few Halloween parties, and when October 31 came, trick-or-treated in the Village.
Before we left our apartment, my kids asked, “But will *everyone* be dressed up? Even adults?” I assured them even the grownups would
be dressed up—and the Big Apple didn’t disappoint! It took a few houses before my kids understood that you had to (slightly) elbow your way through the crowd of kids to get to the candy. This is New York! But they quickly got the hang of it and I got to experience the thrill of seeing my kids have a real Halloween for the very first time.”


Selina, EA/ Content Manager



“Halloween holds a special place in my heart because my family gets so excited for it. I have such fond memories of this holiday. From going out as a family to trick-or-treat or collaborating with my mom on homemade costumes. I remember my childhood Halloween in phases: my Lion King phase, my Princess phase (pictured below), my Scary phase, and of course my high school and college ‘excuse to wear nothing’ phase. I love the thrill of dressing up and going out and seeing everyone else just as into dressing up. It’s always so fun to see people come out of their shell (including my shy self), letting go and having a good time!”

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