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This year has been a marathon. And with so many ups and downs, it can be hard to feel and express gratitude. Even when life seems anchored in the shadows, there’s always a way to find the light. What are you grateful for this year?

(Pie. Always pie.)



Maggie Q, Founder and CEO

“When it comes to gratitude, I have always been grateful for the same things. Love. Friendship. Opportunity. Kindness. Family. Health. Basically all the things we SHOULD be grateful for. This year, I want to be grateful for every challenge that has come my way. I’m grateful for adversity, for pain, for challenge, trauma, for difficult self-reflection….. for heartache. Sitting with and facing these realities has made me a better, stronger human. But most importantly, it has gifted me the experience on both sides. Without this, I could never be as grateful as I am… every single day.”



Amanda Schardt, COO

“This year has been a magnifier for everything, both good and bad. For the things I was grateful for before, my thankfulness has deepened. I am thankful to be loved, supported and respected by family, friends and colleagues. I am thankful for my health and the great privilege I have to stay home, while others are on the frontlines fighting the virus, reporting and caring for others. I am thankful for the quality time with my animals that fills my cup and for a very happy and quiet first year of marriage. I am thankful that for the first time in 15 years, that I live a driving distance from my parents. I look forward to the day I can upgrade our distant walks to hugs and meals. I am grateful that so many voices were heard this year. I am thankful for hope.”



Peri Donch, Production Manager

What a year,
I am,
Grateful for,
in no particular orde…
My family both given and chosen—my sisters and my friends and my work families, remind me that I am seen and loved and matter,
This is everything.
And my furry family too… 2B + 2B2
I am grateful for my health—as we have experienced this year is everything.
I am grateful that I have work to support me and my creative life.
I am grateful for my curiosity which has led me to learn more and understand more… more!
I am grateful that so many folks showed up to VOTE
I am grateful for the experience of LOVE in all of its manifestations…
Enjoy your Thanksgiving however it flows.”



Maggie Kim, Content Director

“I am on-my-knees grateful to everyone who voted—and for what I hope is a return to normalcy and decency in our political dialogue and landscape.

I am grateful to the frontline Covid heroes who aren’t recognized nearly enough. I am grateful for the teachers who keep teaching so my kids can keep learning.
I am grateful for every act of softness and generosity from family, friends and strangers during a difficult year for all.
I am grateful for the hard-won lessons I’m learning—slowly, painfully—but learning.
I am grateful for time, for art, for wisdom, for joy, for the stories that shape and shade my experience of this marvelous, awful, exquisite life.
I am grateful that I am healthy.”



Selina Mohr, Content Manager

“This year has been very tough, as it has been for a majority of the people. Trying to make my home and my mind a place of peace, instead of something I escape from once or twice a year with travel as a way to feel rejuvenated, has been challenging but also rewarding. It has caused me to look inward, and to be thankful for everything that I have and the people I choose to surround myself with. I’m so grateful that I have the accessibility that I do. I’m grateful for the beautiful relationship that I’m currently in. I’m grateful for an amazing support system, incredible co-workers, and my dog Aiko. I’m grateful for everyone who is out there working on the frontlines and for the win of Biden/Harris. It’s been a rocky year, but putting my gratitude into perspective has allowed me to find the light in the shadows.”

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