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Choosing a Word of the Year is something I’ve been doing for a few years. The QEEP UP team got onboard last year, but for 2021, we wanted to know what YOUR word is. Many of you chose Courage and Hope, which definitely makes sense after the 2020 we had. And to those who said their word is “Nikita” or “Maggie Q,” well, hope springs eternal… If you stick around here, you’ll see many of Maggie’s thoughts, recipes and Q-Tips.

Thanks for sharing your Word with us! Wishing you health, happiness and hope for the new year.

(My word for 2021? Power.)



QEEP UP Nation’s Word of 2021


Reconnect – @johnsaridakis

Productive – @vancity5523

Courage – @ashleigh.hoult, @ridolfoo

Vaccine – @claireesa

Think – @m_chattz

Work – @rommie2001

Boombayah! – @g_can_play

Justice and Peace – @a_sedat13

Health – @pejakovictatjana

Hope – @yelenatroung, @im_andra75, @melissavanstaden72, @alhtsbry, @desimans, @bernielivingthedream

Recklessness – @doctor.kn

Finally! – @herbiethree, @favishspitz

Healthy – @kaszub78

Improve – @michael_chester

Fresh – @anjali_0813

Believe – @shayporwave

Grateful – @jdgrid_iii

Reinvent – @jeffkubiakauthor

Intentional – @_jimmyjazz_

Grow – @healing_atlanta

Enjoy – @kaybpic

Better World – @santoraff

Dreams – @wtfmartinss

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