To date, the world has produced more than 8 billion tons of plastic. Only 9% of it has been recycled. This is a staggering global issue, regardless of who you are and where you live. Every minute of every day, the equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic is dumped into the ocean. We are no longer living in a world where we can stand idle in the face of such destruction. We must learn to make conscious choices and, more importantly, take responsibility for our own mess.

“We must unite as a Nation of conscious consumers. Every one of you is a beacon of hope.” - Maggie Q


Healthy oceans support life on earth. We can not live on this planet without our ecosystem firing on all cylinders! Our oceans provide over half of the world’s oxygen. They transport heat from the equator to the poles, regulating our climate and weather. They are also the source of ingredients for medical products that help fight cancer, arthritis, Alzheimers, and heart disease.


Take Away.

We set out to create a product to match the highest quality activewear on the market—in a fully recycled version. And we did it. Our customers sacrifice nothing when it comes to looking and feeling good. By choosing QEEP UP™, they continue the fight to keep our oceans clean.

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Our Fabric


REPREVE® is one of the leading, most trusted, certified performance fibers available in the world. Ours are the highest quality and made from 100% recycled filaments, including pre-consumer waste. Repreve® has also recycled more than 5 billion plastic bottles since 2007. The waste is collected on the East Coast and processed into filaments in North Carolina. Yarns are knitted into fabrics in Long Beach, CA. Milling in California means we adhere to the highest regulations, requiring use of non-toxic chemicals in dyes and the use of energy saving equipment. All QEEP UP™ fabrics are certified to meet the Global Recycled Standard.


Pre consumer fiber waste is collected.


Repreve® Nylon6 chip is formed.


The chip is extruded and textured through a proprietary process and becomes yarn.


Yarns are knitted into fabrics, then printed and sewn into garments.


Maggie Q

Born and raised in Hawaii, Maggie Q has been a lover of the natural world since childhood. As a young girl, her family’s rescue dogs sparked what would become a life-long calling for compassionate animal welfare. After moving to Asia in her teens, Maggie saw the real need for environmental advocacy on a global scale.

Maggie began fundraising for threatened animal species twenty years ago. She then began advocating with her growing platform as a successful actress—with PSAs, interviews and public protests against environmental injustice and animal cruelty. Today, Maggie is a leading voice in consumer campaigns against elephant ivory and rhino horn trade, shark finning, giant manta protection, dog and cat meat trade, illegal pangolin and bear bile trade, and Diet Change for Climate Change.

In addition to her personal activism, Maggie is also a board member of Social Compassion in Legislation, a policy advocacy group fighting for animal welfare protection laws in California. SCL successfully got the Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act signed into law so California can no longer sell cosmetics tested on animals. Maggie’s dedication to animal welfare and environmental awareness has been recognized and awarded by the City of Los Angeles, the State Senate of California, the California Assembly, PETA, Wild Aid, Animals Asia, and The World Tourism Awards.

Since she was nineteen years old, Maggie has dreamt of building a framework that supports her passion for the environment and champions the people who work tirelessly to change our world for the better. Her professional roots in Asia have enabled Maggie to become a bridge to consumers in the biggest purchasing regions of the world.

With QEEP UP™, Maggie realizes her dream of connecting passion to purpose, weaving together the elements of her life and career. With her singular compassion as the cornerstone, Maggie is creating a new NATION of earth warriors who share her all-encompassing love of the planet.