The Ocean Tie-Dye Project was developed to catalyze the QEEP UP™ cause through giving back. The idea of a print for our first collection is nothing new in activewear, but it’s become the foundation of our environmental efforts. The print is reminiscent of Planet Earth from a bird’s-eye view: a big-picture worth fighting for.

“I’ve always loved tie-dye and wanted to have a print designed that’s reminiscent of the sea and sky I grew up with and am fighting to protect.” Maggie Q


The Ocean Tie-Dye Print is our daily reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle. The ocean ecosystem is the most important on our planet, which is 70-80% water—just like our bodies. We may not live near the water, but we mirror our planet so it’s natural to care! If you feel a deep calling for our oceans, it is borne from this undeniable cellular connection. Our oceans need us and the gravitational pull to do something comes from the same biological imperative to take care of ourselves. We may not be able to see the ocean’s destruction, but it is happening every single moment of every single day.


We encourage every woman wearing our Ocean Tie-Dye Print to be an #OceanAmbassador! Keep our planet in your heart and share your passion with everyone you meet. Use our print to start a conversation with a loved one or a stranger. It only takes one person to make a difference.

The Partner

Blue Sphere Foundation

We’re proud to donate a portion of all sales of our Ocean Tie-Dye print products to Blue Sphere Foundation, whose mission is to safeguard our oceans, halting the destruction of threatened marine species and habitats.

Save our oceans, where life begins

They work at the frontlines of marine conservation, where the problems are most acute, to protect the last and most important holdouts of biodiversity on the planet. Blue Sphere is focused on three key threats: species extinction, marine habitat destruction, and economic and human wellbeing in communities dependent on oceans for their livelihoods. They find the most vulnerable areas where loss is assumed, but change is truly possible and they build programs to expose, campaign and enable frontline change.

Founder Shawn Heinrichs of Blue Sphere, Founder Maggie Q of QEEP UP™, and Peter Knights, Founder of WildAid, on a night dive to capture images with Giant Mantas for the Asian market campaign to end the trade. Giant Mantas have been listed by CITIES as an endangered species.